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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prof-Student Relationship

So, these happen so often because profs seem powerful and intelligent. hm, ok. Power makes men sexy, that's supposed to be true.

I think it happens very often and not only in academia that there are relationships that have a "power" aspect. In general, women can get into real trouble when their partners leave them. They have no money, no job, they are hurt emotionally and financially, often even physically. Sometimes they even have to fight for their children.
So, I think, abusive relationships are not only in academia.

I agree that it's not a good idea to fuck a prof that is going to grade one, but if it is just a guy from the same field or the same department? Maybe some scholars really, really like their subject, and they seem weird to "common" people, so that's the reason why they have relationships with each other. They want to have someone to talk to. Someone who likes the same things.


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