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Thursday, May 05, 2005


It's almost 2:30 a.m. over here and I'm still happy sitting in front of my computer and even TYPING some paragraphs of my dissertation.
Yesyesyesyes happy and typing.

I feel this is really flowing now. I really really think this will work out, and I finally have SOME kind of plan in my head. At least I have something to say, and lucke me that I am so lonely, I can take the chance and write everything into my thesis what I want to talk about and what is connected to my subject.

I've been at the theatre tonight, was fun.
I've been at a philosophy lecture last week (sorry, didn't tell you; but I think philosophy is connected to so many subject that I can tell you now and you won't find out what I'm actually doing - yes I still love anonymous blogs). It was fun, too, and I met some new people, all MALE btw. There were only about five or six guys there, so chances are high that I grab one of themm for a coffee next week.
Haven't decided yet if one of them is particularly sexy.

And I do play a SONATA on my cello yet, well, I am learning to play it. This is really very nice, 'cause I've picked up playing this instrument 3 years ago, so I made quite some progress.


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