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Friday, June 24, 2005

Work update

Yes. I didn't work. And I feel better, at last.

So, yesterday I spent the whole day in bed feeling miserable and tired. I decided that today should be fun day, so I got up and did do all the readings neccessary for the completion of the paper. As I already knew unconciously, the reading was not useful at all. I knew what was said in the papers before. So the problem is still the same. Then I started to make some drawings about my theory. Maybe the reviewer is right. He suggested to use his book (btw I have found out who the reviewer is) and to modify my theory slightly in his terms. First, I was really pissed because I thought, hey, it's just blackmailing: cite me and you get published. But maybe his suggestion is not as bad at all. Maybe I just go for his way. (Is it ok to just take the reviewer's suggestions? I am just too exhausted to do any proper own work right now).

Then I went for a walk (I really like to go swimming, maybe tomorrow or the day after), and then I went to a cello concerto of the local music university. It was very nice. But I expected the violin maker to be there and he wasn't. I freaked out and had a huge portion of ice cream afterwards. Which is really stupid because I could have talked to the people at the concert. But I was too shy and feeling awful.


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