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Friday, December 31, 2004

Currently reading: First Person

I promised to tell you what I am currently reading that exites me so much. It is a Xmas present from me to myself. It is about New Media and Computer Games. I've been always interested in toys and I've been playing video games since the first Nintendo System has been sold. So, I am keen on reading an academic book about it. Besides the content, the authors refer to many scholars of literature theory and aesthetics. I have not studied literature theory, so this is quite new to me. In particular, nobody teaches ''real'' literature theory at My University. The only thing they do is give seminars on different authors or different periods of time, but there is no course on the theoretical background. I have only read a short introduction to postmodernism which I found fascinating.

BTW this was in Paris 1 1/2 years ago. As I don't speak French, I had to buy some English books there for entertainment.

After that book I knew why Pynchon got famous. Before, I've read half of his V. and thought it was so absurd how could it ever happen that this got ever published, or famous.
Now I know. It is all about the postmodern deconstruction :-)

So, I am so much exited about that book on computer games, because it teaches me cultural theory and it talks about games which I grew up with.


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