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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why I will not call My Mr Perfect

I've noticed that I miss My Mr Perfect. So I've asked myself why I not just grab the phone and chat with him. That would be the most natural thing to do, right?

Well, first thought is that it is not the right time of the day to call him.
Second thoght: hm, he is not in love with me, so calling him would make things worse for me.
Then, I would ask him a lot of stupid questions about Proust and literature theory that would annoy him. He would think I am an idiot. I am not able to have a discussion with him on these topics, I just want bare information. And I am interested in his personal point of view.

I would not tell him that I miss him and I would not tell him that I like to see him 'cause this annoys him.
In fact. I don't really want to see him, I want to chat with him.

What else keeps me off? I don't think he will tell me any bad news. No. He never tells me about his current girlfriend.

I think this phone call would make me happy in a way I don't want it to be. It would suggest to me that we have a friendish-relationship that we really do not have.


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