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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I think my paper is ready for publishing. At least I am satisfied with my solution and I don't want to go on further. Of course, there are a lot of open questions left, but I think I can adress them in another paper still to come.
I've decided on the journal I want to send it to a long time ago. Several articles on my topic appeared there, so I think they may be interested in further discussion.

Problem 1: The journal says: Make your paper approx. 20-35 pages. Mine has 18. They do not specify any layout or number of words. I've checked the last issues. There are long and very long papers, but there are three or four below 20 pages. I hope I will be fine.

Prroblem 2: The solution to my problem was suggested to my by Big Major Prof From The US last summer. I feel so stupid that I only found the question and she sketched the solution within 5 mins. Do I have to ask her if I want to publish this? Or is it ok if I just send it and mention her in the achnowledgements?

Although she solved it so quickly, she is really working on a different topic and there are a lot of major papers and books around that completely miss the point, so I think it is important to My Field that I publish this.

I just printed out the paper and I'm gonna revise it later this afternoon. I have to check the spelling rules for commas in English!

I do so much hope that this paper will be published. I really really want to have an article published.


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