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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another lousy talk of mine


Just came home... I had my talk today at the department. And I'm exhausted now.

Ok, I didn't want to give a talk in the first place. I told them that I have no own work to present.
They said that didn't matter and forced me to give the talk. Even a literature review would be great.

And then, in the evening the day before they told me they want me to do it in English! I am NOT in an English speaking country, and I guess everyone in the audience speaks My Native Language.
So, after the introduction, that fucking dumb ass guy from the department here said: We will have this talk in English because we are an international institute.

I worked me through the talk, it was ok, apart from that I didn't make any claims on my own. But I told them before.
There was 25 mins of discussion, that was ok.

Then I had to have dinner with them.
After the dinner, all I wanted was a coffe and some sweets from Starbucks, but it was already about 9 p. m. and starbucks WAS CLOSED.

Then I had to wait 25 mins for the BUS.

Hey, this is supposed to be a major capital of Europe!!!!!!


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