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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Office Blogging

I am sitting at my desk, and I now dare to blog in my office. I have a room on my own, and there are hardly any people around, anyway.

I am supposed to write a report for the organization who pays me. I've got 8 pages already, but they want 15 to 20. I am supposed to finish today and to send it tomorrow morning via snail mail. They want it by March 1.
Some things never change... :-)

Yesterday evening I thought about that lousy phone situation. I figured out that it is really childish to sit and stare and wait. If I want to talk to him, I can call him. So, if I'm happy one of the next evenings, I will call him and tell him I'm ok and everything's fine here.
Maybe he just lost my number? Or he doesn't dare to disturb me in my ''holidays''?

However, tomorrow I will post that damn report and I will go to the theater in the evening, I have got the ticket already. Jippie!


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