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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tryin' to work

I am reading a paper for three days now. It has only 41 pages, without the references even only 38 pages. It is a very important and interesting paper. I will have a chapter on it in my thesis.
BUT: I cannot concentrate. Not at all. I've been through it once, now I'm underlining the three most important words for each paragraph and write a note on each page what is important. I hope I will make it through today. I neeeeed to write so much. Supervisor is waiting!! And I'm going on vacation on Monday, so I really got to get this done today and finish the writing (including a review by the supervisor) BEFORE I leave for Another Town.
(I AM SOOOO IN LOVE STILL) I can't stop making plans how to persuade My Mr Perfect to come and visit me in Another Town.


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