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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Depressed again

I spent the last week with my taxes. It was driving me mad. I was at the tax office every day. I just couldn't figure out how to fill in the form.

I told them I bought a laptop and an office chair, and I am paying for the internet connection. And, I am using these three things together most of the time.

They said that officially I am using my laptop 40% for private things, but the office chair I use 100% for professional things. I said I do dronk my private coffee on my office chair and I do my 40% private use of my laptop on my office chair as well.

Questions like these continued for all over the week, I am so fed up with this shit!!!!!!!!

And then, today, I wanted to buy some fun stuff to cheer me up. So I went to buy some theatre tickets. I bought some for my mum too, since I won't be here for her birthday and there is mothers' day coming up. I have asked her about her schedule. She said everything would be fine for her.

So I bought several tickets for us, all together about 130 €. And this evening she told me she won't have time for most of the shows.

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!

ok, I am used to go to theatres on my own, that's ok, but spending 60 € on tickets for her and she won't attend? AAnd as you know, my dear readers, I am very lonely and I do not have another friend to whom I can give the tickets. My Mr Perfect doesn't like me and my best friend is working all the time and an artist friend ran out of the show the last time I invited him.


I am NOT going to buy any other presents for my mum!!!


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