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Thursday, April 28, 2005

News from weirdo friend

Remember that weird friend of mine, who was getting so much on my nerves before I had left for Another Town? I'm not talking to him anymore ever since. I just visited his home page. Apparently he just came bach from Another Town. Went on a trip there and posted some pictures.

This sucks!!!

He has never ideas on his own. And now he even spends his holidays in the city where I have been.

One of our last fights was about him now deciding to study a subject from which I graduated in 2002. Ever since 1998 I kept persuading him to join me. And now, exactly at the moment when so much time has passed that the knowledge gaps became too big, he started bothering me that he wants do do the same subject now.

Well, to late my dear boy, I'm doing other things right now.
And to late, my dear, I was in Another Town in February and March, but not in April.

Why do the closest friends turn into assholes so often?


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