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Monday, May 23, 2005

What a mess!

Today I figured out that I bought the ticket to Another Town for the wrong day. All the flights on the proper day are full, so I had to find a room for that extra night.
It all went well, but I am still shocked that my work is unreliable.

I'm looking forward to meet New Supervisor. Wondering if she really read all the 60 pages.
I know there's a big conference coming up, she's part of the committe. I wonder whether I should ask her if she'll help me with the abstract. Or is it better to sumbit without telling her, because telling her would be "cheating" the selection process?

I know now who the reviewer was who accepted my paper? He is a really sexy guy I know from various conferences. I wonder whether he knew the abstract was from me and he accepted it because he likes me. Or he just liked the abstract. Or he didn't know it was me.


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