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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Emergency blogging

I wanted to meet Big Prof. He's only here for one week. On monday, I asked for an appointment. It was set for tuesday after class. On tuesday after class when we wanted to go for it, Ex Supervisor came and grabbed Big Prof for lunch. So it was rescheduled for today ofter class. Today it is already evening and Big Prof said he was too tired and we should meet tomorrow.
Problem: I can't meet him tomorrow after class because I have a cello lesson then (it is at 7 p.m.).
I do not have the phone number of Big Prof and I bet he's not going to read his email.
So my only chance is Friday.

I feel so awful I could start to cry right away. I do so much hate not being able to schedule an appointment. I feel treated like an asshole. I can come for an appointment whenever it is fine, I just keep sitting next to the phone. I don't have any private life.

I think this treatment violates the respect of my person.



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