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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today's the day

Gotta send my manuscript to New Supervisor, because I'm going there next week. I've spent the last days completely freaking out. I am absolutely dissatisfied with my work. I have so many problems. I do not have a solution. I am just repeating what everybody else said before. I do not have a claim on my own.

And yesterday night, I found out that the chapter which I thought of as the core analysis is 1/3 completely wrong. So I have to delete this before I send it. And I want to add several other things at different parts. But its already 10:40 a.mm. noon coming soon.

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Ex Supervisor told me to read another book of 500 pages. I don't do it. He still tries to disturb my work. Problem: I am not sure how much influence he has on the grading process of my thesis.


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