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Friday, January 13, 2006

Setting up the defense

So, I had to contact Ex Supervisor b/c he is the administrative guy. We have to do all the paperwork together setting up the defense (hopefully in June). He keeps making obnoxious comments about New Supervisor. Remember, when I told him that I left for Another Town, he just let me go. Whenever I wanted to talk to him about the problems with my thesis he'd kick me out. There have been reasons for my change.

When I came back from Another Town and told him what I did, he would not sit down and talk it over. We've never really talked ever since.

But now, slightly, more than half a year later, he seems to react. I knew he hated my change.

I just feel pissed and I hate it that I have to go and see him b/c of the paper work.


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