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Monday, January 09, 2006

Café Blogging

Ok, you do not get this ''live'', b/c I'm blogging from a cafe. My computer doesn't have a wireless device, and I've chosen a plave where's no WLAN anyway.

I'm trying to keep myself away from checking email and from surfing around for so many useless hours.

It somehow works (apart from the fact that I *am* blogging). I have worked for 30 minutes with high concentration. Doing things. Reworking my chapter. Reformulating sentences.

I really must say that writing in English is for me like playing the violin while wearing gloves. I keep searching for words, for phrases. I know I could write 5 times faster in My Native Language. I don't know why, but blogging is not that bad.

I know I should stop to care about my English b/c it blocks me. I know that I will be fine even without worrying. This is *not* a manuscript that I am sending to a publisher. Only my committe will read it (if they do), and most of them are non-English-natives.

The teenager (icky, male, with a very bad hairstyle) accross the room commented about the woman with an Apple laptop (me) to his mates. I have never ever received comments about my computer before! I have used it in public, but only in university contexts such as libraries and classrooms.

If he would just get up and fuck me if he sees my sween iPod nano in the pocket of my coat?

I feel very techie and very up to date. And very rich that I can afford all those nice little toys.


I never ever got envied for my ''technical'' appearance before. This is cool!

NOTE TO SELF: I will not get out of here until I have finished to do this very chapter. The next thing to do at home is the little graphics with the old Windows machine. I must not get up. No no no no no.

QUESTION TO SELF: Ordinary people work 8 hours per day. Why do I want to quit after one????

No. I won't go to the toilet until the subsection is finished.

No. I am not going to recompile my LaTeX file for its own sake. I know my computer can do it.

I just noticed that the battery of my computer only lasts for 2,5 hours! It used to be 6 hours when I bought it almost 2 years ago. Does this mean that I will visit the Apple store soon to get a new one? And to get more memory?

Maybe it comes from the frequent recompiling?

NOTE TO SELF: Do I always have to do two things simultaneously to get myself to concentrate??


Blogger academic coach said...

You sound awesomely productive.

You certainly blog like a native English speaker.

Still, I advise every non-native english speaker I coach to find an editor -- preferably another grad student from an english department or similar humanities field. Regular use of the right copy editor and your writing will improve markedly -- because you'll see what your most common mistakes are. I have one coaching client who started paying another doctoral student to copy edit when she was an ABD. She's now a 3rd yr tt prof at an Ivy and sill using the same person to edit her soon to be published book :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 3:24:00 AM  
Blogger admin said...

I do proofing for non-native speakers at my school sometimes. I took on too many and decided to charge if someone asked again, but of course no one did. If you can find someone to review your work in MS Word or something, they can leave comments as to why they changed things so that you can learn more. I think it's been helpful.

Thursday, January 12, 2006 8:58:00 PM  

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