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Friday, June 10, 2005

Still down in the dumps

Haven't been to the dept. for two days. Tried to calm down. Didn't really work. Ate food for a whole week today. Feel awful.

So, tomorrow there's this sort of private conference. Gotta go there. Prof from Catholic Town is giving a talk. He always came to my talks, even if there were no other talks of our subject. And the day after Big Prof, who was supposed to be part of my committee, is giving a talk. I won't go to any other talks. And I definitely wont join them for lunch and conference dinner.

I have a scheduled appointment with that Big Prof (not the one who kept annoying me this week). I have to tell him about New Supervisor. I think I can't tell him about all the troubles with Ex Supervisor, because they are friends. And Big Prof doesn't come without Ex Supervisor inviting him.
Awful situation.

Today I made a list of all calls for papers of the next two months. I thought, well, lets have a go. I'm just gonna send abstracts to all of them, even if I know in the first place, I won't be going there because they are too far away. I can figure out what to tell them in case they accept me (which is not very likely).


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