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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Trip to Hillyville

Last week I visited New Supervisor, who moved to Hillyville during last term. The appointment went well and I am in the process of completing the thesis right now. Quiet and satisfied. (And I'm going to a café tomorrow and I have been to one yesterday.)

Hillyville is about the place where Snow White met her dwarfs. It is small, it is surrounded by little hills and a huge forest, and the bus to the next airport which is quite small, takes one hour. It is isolated. Completely.

There was a conference party I attended. And there were those guys - local guys, guys who work there or who used to study there. And they told me that there is a strong right-wing community in Hillyville. The kind of men-only fraternity whose members fence.

I thought these groups were abolished after WW 2, but apparently I was wrong. I thought that only some old Nazis in the late 50s would join them, but I had never ever thought that nowadays anyone would feel comfortable with those ideas. Of course, I know that some of these groups still exist, but that it is a serious part of the academic community?

Even more surprising, I learned that two of my colleagues belong (or belonged) to such a fraternity. I have always thought that all scholars of my field are left-wing by definition, because the subject we study does not permit a right-wing-nazi point of view. I am shocked.


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