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Friday, March 03, 2006

School meme

Via Profgrrrrl and Anastasia

I was the fat one with the foreign accent. Everyone was scared of my mom b/c they didn't understand her.

Primary school
I remember the first day the teacher asked us what we wanted to learn. I said I wanted to learn maths b/c I could do the reading and the writing already.
I thought it was fun. School was just a personal amusement for me. But I never understood why they wanted me to practise my handwriting. I thought the important thing was that the letters were written, not that they were beautiful.

Junior high
Straight A student. Started smoking and drinkng when 13. Was really one of the cooles gals.

High school
Got depressed. Very very depressed. Still straight A student. Always very tired b/c I went to bed at 2 - 3am. Being dead tired was the only way to survive the lessons. Otherwise it was unbearable. Hated my class. Won maths and latin competition.

Very busy, quite depressed.

Grad school
Lonely. Spent almost the entire time alone in my apartment working on the thesis.


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