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Monday, April 24, 2006

Library blogging

10:55 a.m.
I need to go to toilet. But I won't go until I have done a little library blogging. Here is my new life. I am a good girl today. Set the alarm at 8. Got up. Grabbed my computer. And here I am. In the library. Working.

As you know, I really suffered from isolation this winter. And - surprise, surprise! - I have grown fat!

(back from the toilet)
I have to write a paper now - the one which collaboratorix and I have been presenting. Some Big Scholar and Journal Editor has asked us personnally to sumbit it to his journal! Yeah!

Because I am so lonely at home and procrastinating so much, I have decided to pick up a better working habit. Something like: 4 or 5 hours of writing in the library. Monday to Friday. The best part of this is that I do not have WLAN (hence: no procrastination surfing!) and that food is prohibited (which - hopefully - helps me to slim down a bit).

Part II of My New Life is to go to the park for 2 hours every day, doing my reading. I have made a list of all the things that popped into my mind. Of course, there is subject and thesis related stuff I want to have read, but there are other things as well, say, research on new media and stuff, which I am not into but which seem interesting from a general point of view.

Part III (the final one) is that I have set up my podcast system. Today it was my first ride to the library (which takes about 1/2 hour) where I listened to an American podcast. Maybe I'll add the reference later, not sure yet. It's cool not only because it's interesting but also b/c it helps me with my English. Y'know, the fact that you can hear it over and over and over again, to repeat the parts which you didn't understand (and at some point remember the new expressions and look them up in the dictionary, at some very remote point). Whatever, I enjoy it.

11:26 a.m.
If I am a good girl, a reeeeeeealllly goooood girl, I will get a diet coke from the vending machine at 1 p.m. *slurp* Almost 90 mins to go.
A cool one. Fresh and chilly. jumjum.

11:55 a.m.
To the bitch that opened the window. Yes, I appreciate fresh spring air. That's why I am going to the park in the afternoon. But I hate the noise from the construction site out there. It disturbs my thought and keeps me off from writing. AND I AM HERE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF WRITING!!!


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