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Monday, June 13, 2005

Calmed down

So. There was this sort-of private conference at the week end. Everyone was angry at the organizer because it was "private", i.e. everyone got to know about it only at the very last minute. So not only me felt bad about this.

I was at Catholic Town Prof's talk. And I was at Big Prof who will be in my committee's talk, too. Didn't talk to the other Big Prof who kept rescheduling the appointment. He's gone by now. I think I will just send an email apologizing and telling him what I wanted him to know.

I think I will have a Collaboratrix like Profgrrrrl too. Met her again at the conference. Maybe we'll go to a conference in Poland together. Just going there together and each of us giving a separate talk. I would like this very much!

At the conference, I didn't talk to Ex Supervisor, I just didn't want to. But once I got a look from him that said KILL!!. His problem, right?


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