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Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello Kitty computer game

This is very good news for me. Excellent news! I've just learned that there is a Hello Kitty game. Reviews are available here and here.

I love Hello Kitty and I love video game, so I'm happy that the two are combined now.

But there's more to that. I've always thought that video games are designed only for boys. In particular, I felt that it is the graphics and the colors that appeal to boys and that keep girls away.

It is interesting that both of the reviews point out that the colors of the game are so particular. And that there is a special focus on cuteness. They agree that the Hello Kitty game is not useful for the usual player, because the cuteness is too much.

The second reviewer even draws a close comparison to the usual beat-em-up games and is quite astonished that girls would like to play such a violent kind of game too, as soon as the colors are changed.

I really believe that one of the aspects of video games is that the player needs to react fast. It is only the outer "shell" and the graphics that distinguishes Tetris from Tekken and Space Invaders from Hello Kitty.

And, one more point, I would like to see a review for the latest blood game like this: It is an easy to use computer game with many different levels .... But the colors and the violence only appeals to a very small audience of male adolescents.


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