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Monday, December 05, 2005

The beneift of academic blogging

The latest entry of La Lecturess reminds me that I wanted to talk about how much I love the blogging community.

I could see this when I was working with Collaboratorix, who - presumably - is not blogging.

All those stories from each of you, about the process of getting a job, about the fights with faculty members, about the insecurities, the doubt that it is oneself who might me too stupid for the academic world. This has brought me so much self-confidence!

It is really the same thing everywhere. So it is not my personal fault if I get into a troubeling situation.

And, yeah, a final point: even the blogs of more advanced collegues are very helpful, because I get to know how they feel about work and students, so it helps me to better understand the beliefs and desires of the Real Professors I meet.


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