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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cafe blogging

3:13 p.m.
I am sitting in a cafe (close to my apartment) in the garden. Little light green things are falling from the maple tree into my keyboard. I bet that the seeds are quite harmful to the interior of a laptop.

Nevertheless, I am back to writing the paper for collaboratorix. I kinda enjoy it. Life is better without internet. Without relentlessly checking email over and over again. I experience a relief.

Can it be that I am a real internet/email addict?

Of course, I know that I have pursued addictive behavior previously (with food, not with drugs), and that there is all kind of addiction in my family (food, no food, drugs, alcohol, whatever you want). Um.

I adore mypodcasts! Its like surfing the web and reading various journals without doint that, but while getting around in the fresh air.

Podcast forever! :-)


3:31 p.m.
When I close my eyes it smells like summer holidays. Like swimming. Ice cream. Sun. Wind.

There's a quy sitting at the other end of the garden. Quite an attractive haircut..... alone!!


3:55 p.m.
Girlfried of cutie has arrived. Grumble.

Next to me, there sits an old woman. There are several elderly ladies arround, as there is a home for the elderly across the road. She's been sitting alone at her table for about an hour. Talking to no one. Like me. Are the only people that are sitting in a cafe at a sunny afternoon elderly ladies?

And now, one of them is eating an apple pie. And I can smell it. I want it. I need it. uuuuuhhhh...... But I am on diet. And I have brought (knowing what would happen) only 5 € with me. Thant's not enough for coffee and pie.


4:54 p.m.
I was a very good girl. Completed Part 2 (of overall 3) of our paper. Indeed, writing off-line is really fast. I am amazed. Now I'm going on for another hour to collect and structure the comments of Head of Department. Must find out what to write on the missing 29 pages. Or remaining 24, as I'm going to have a couple of pages with acknowledgements.


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