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Friday, August 25, 2006


I am now trying my local find-a-mate.com seriously, I am definitely looking for a relationship. In the last two years, I spent 120% of my time with my academic work, so now I want to focus on another aspect of human life.

One question doesn't get out of my mind: what if I fall in love with someone over here and I have to leave for a postdoc? What if I have to move to Another Country for the next three years? Somehow this insecurity seems to contradict a private life. In particular, I do not know at the moment where I will be going to in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Job Market

Refreshed from a nice summer holiday, I am prepared to jump into my next adventure. I need a new job. Soon.

I did my very best to figure out what I want, but I have not arrived at a solution yet. It is a bit scary to admit, but I am likely to quit the academic world. I don't think I love my subject so much that I can bear it to continue to sit in a room alone for the next three years writing some more papers who nobody really is interested in. I don't want to move into a foreign country. I don't want to have the same problems again in three years, i.e., that I will be running out of funding. I am sick of all the people who keep envying me because I am sucessful. Right now, I just don't know why I should go on.

The alternative is that I will pick up some job in the industry (not related to my PhD subject). Maybe I'll find some researchy thing to work for, but not as academic as the university. This would give fixed working hours, money and vacation.

The thing I am not sure about right now is: is it a pitty that I give up my scientific career because I am good at it and I should fight for my position? I should care less and move to another country (but then, at some point, I will need a tenured position and there is none around my home town).