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Monday, October 31, 2005


Oh no. Just learned that NaNoWriMo is starting in a couple of hours!! I wanted to participate so much this year!! I just feel I won't have the time. Is it ok to write just ONE page every day? I must go and check the guidelines..... If I participate, I won't write in English but in my mother tongue, so you probably won't ever read it.

Bad girl has forgotten about blogging for a while

Today I finally got Hello Kitty Roller Rescue, the video game I have been wanting for so long. I haven't played it yet, because I have to write an abstract today and I'll play as a reward.

I had a pretty good time the last couple of weeks. I was in Another Town, meeting New Supervisor and a bunch of other cool people.

I got accepted for a really big scholar conference. It took me three days to understand that I got accepted, and that it was because of my abstract. Nobody of the committee knows neither me nor my work. Yeah.

Dating: Finally, I had a date with one guy from my local match.com. He turned out to be a former classmate of mine, i.e. we did one course together about 8 years ago. His writing was quite nice, but at the date he felt such a jerk to me. He gave 23 cents as a tip to the waitress, so she had to fiddle around with coins for 5 minutes, because she had to give him back 77 cents.