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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Teaching (or why I am pissed, part 351)

I have been TAing for my Head of Department for about 7 years. This means that I have started this job when I was an undergrad. When I became a grad student things didn't change. Except from that I had to grade (1000 exams) without getting more money.

So, some days ago he asked me if I could do it again next term.

I said no. I said it was a student's job and I won't be a student anymore next term, given my defense in fall.

I have to tell you, deep inside I was furious. There are other grad students at My Dept, and some of them even get to teach their own corses themselves, not doing the shit work for the HoD's class. It's just that I will have my PhD in fall and some people, or maybe people in general get assistant professorships at that point in their career, or even tenure-track positions.

Why do I feel that I have disappointed my boss? Why do I feel so bad about this? But I am definitely not going to do the same job as the one I did when I was an undergrad.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Something's wrong

I think this whole dissertation business that was going on for the last year was bad for me, indeed. I stepped on the scales today - and it is bad, very bad: 213.8 lbs. This is definitely way too much. It is not the highest number I've ever had, but still. I gained about 33 lbs within a year.

I've spent the last three days or so quieting down. Finally! (My defense will be in fall) And thought it over. If this is going on like it was the last year I will quit academia. I am applying for a post-doc grant, but I consider to quit. I think I will appreciate working in an office, like getting up at a reasonable time in the morning and having fixed times for the meals. And having free evenings and free week ends. Free time to socialize. This really sounds not that bad.