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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Home Blogging (Weekend Edition)

Spent the day in bed, reading White Noise by Don DeLillo. Was tired and exhausted from working all over last week.

Called My Mr Perfect yesterday. He said he was busy, whished me a nice time in Another Town and hung up.
I guess somebody was standing beside him?
Anyway, I guess I won't return for very long when I get back to My Home Town.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Working blues

Nobody is writing me any email... It is so quiet here. No radio, no bed, no kitchen. On the long run, I really do prefer to work in an appartment rather than in an office!!!

I am sitting in this quiet room, forced to work (and I don't want to!).


Have I mentioned that I hate writing that report? Have I??
9 pages already.

I just wait until the battery of my laptop is full and then I go for a coffee. I always take the laptop with me, I am afraid it might be stolen.
I will only have a lousy automata coffee. YUCK. It is raining and I left my umbrella in the car so I won't make it to the next cafe.

Office Blogging

I am sitting at my desk, and I now dare to blog in my office. I have a room on my own, and there are hardly any people around, anyway.

I am supposed to write a report for the organization who pays me. I've got 8 pages already, but they want 15 to 20. I am supposed to finish today and to send it tomorrow morning via snail mail. They want it by March 1.
Some things never change... :-)

Yesterday evening I thought about that lousy phone situation. I figured out that it is really childish to sit and stare and wait. If I want to talk to him, I can call him. So, if I'm happy one of the next evenings, I will call him and tell him I'm ok and everything's fine here.
Maybe he just lost my number? Or he doesn't dare to disturb me in my ''holidays''?

However, tomorrow I will post that damn report and I will go to the theater in the evening, I have got the ticket already. Jippie!

Monday, February 21, 2005

News from Another Town

First, sorry for not blogging regularly here. Although I have an office on my own, I somehow feel that it is not "right" to blog in the office. At home I have only internet access via the telephone which is slow and expensive.

Fortunately, everything worked out fine. Nobody was furious that I went home that evening last week. Today I had dinner with the boss here. He went home after one hour, he was pale, overworked and only had some soup and a coffee. I guess they are just happy if I don't get on their nerves.

Second, My Mr Perfect has NOT called until now. I spent Saturday evening staring at the phone and crying. But I stopped that now, and I feel a lot better!

Hey, Another Town is really FUN. It is huuuuuge. Today I bought tickets for the theater later this week. There are even two or three more theaters, BIG theaters that show contemporary drama.
And I want to see a couple of exhibitions on modern art. That's what I'm gonna do next saturday, instead of staring at the phone.

I keep thinking that I really want to move here, to Another Town. I have to figure out how to make the people of the institute organzie a project and hire me. If My Mr Perfect doesn't want me, nothing keeps me in My Home Town anymore.

Friday, February 18, 2005


I arrived here in Another Town two days ago. Everything is exxciting, but also a bit stressy.

On day 1 I dropped all my keys into a hole in the pavement. I had to lie on my belly and put my arm into that hole (YUCK), but I could grab the keys.

Yesterday there was a talk here. It was supposed to last 1,5 hours, but after more that three hours (it was already 8 p.m.) I just gou out and went home. Problem: All the people here wanted to have dinner with me (we had no real date, but the boss here said we will probably have dinner together that evening). Well as I have severe problems with my spine I had to lie down.
Today I wrote emails to all the people apologizing, but I guess they hate me now.
What else can I do?

And, finally, yes I miss My Mr Perfect and I fear so much that he won't call me and he won't come to visit me. I hope this will work out somehow. Either he calls or I somehow stop missing him.

Monday, February 14, 2005


I am leaving tomorrow for Another Town. I am so excited!!

The first week of February I was skiing, it was very pleasant and relaxing.
Last week I spent saying good bye to all my friends here. I had a very bad fight with Weird Guy, the one who is one reason why I leave here. I don't want to go into it now. I just stopped myself one second before saying "lick my ass"! Well, I'm glad he is quiet now.

On Thursday I had a DATE with My Mr Perfect. He took me out for dinner. YES YES!! Only him and me. In a restaurant. He payed. *gringrin* I really enjoyed it, we were just chatting.
The tiny problem was that I was so nervous that I could only eat half of my plate. He was worried I didn't like the food, but I couldn't tell him that I wasn't eating because I was nervous because of him.
Apart from that it was a very good date. Really.
And, he said, MAYBE he will come and visit me in Another Town. MAYBE is not NO.